Thursday, March 26, 2009

practical ways to create a blog

many sites to create free blogs. Only this time we are learning to use free blog at
Open the site, click on "Start Now" to start to create a blog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

How Registration paypal

In short can be said: paypal is a "wallet" for online. An online wallet that can be filled with the balance. Paypal can be used to shop on the internet, almost all shops online paypal supporting this as a means of transaction. Paypal is owned by Ebay, auction hall in the world . For you who have online, paypal to become one of the tools of "mandatory" you have.

General Terms :

Paypal account holders must at least 18 years of age or more and have:
  • Email address, username as your Paypal account.
  • Credit card, Paypal user Indonesia at this time can use a credit card to verify and to pull the money from PayPal.
  • Debit cards, debit cards, but unfortunately publication of Bank Indonesia can not be used.
  • Bank account, but unfortunately India has not been a bank account can be used so that the bank account is a bank account in USA.

Registration Steps PayPal
Please come to, select the page to register. reads from the link signup / register.

How to receive payments from online business

How do you receive payments from a variety of online business :
  1. Bank Transfer or Direct to Your Account
  2. Through a check sent to your home
  3. through online payment ( paypal / alertpay )

Business Online

Do you want to master various languages in the world ? Maybe china + English + French + English + japan + and other languages.
Do you aspire to be a very very smart in many areas of the

now relate my blog is about online business, so my question: Do you want to become business experts online. If ever, I dare say to you that you can? Why not?

But the problem, How to become experts in doing business online
one way that you can try is experience
there are many people who are trying to build a business in the virtual world,
but they have limited expertise. the result is the income from their online business is not optimal.
Finally, they try to trick this and that, them to think hard to make their sites more visitors,
they work hard to try-try optimization everywhere.
In the end they become field experts. and success in their fields. You want to try this way to become a specialist?
Some of the requirements you must meet:
1. You have to dare to start your online business
2. you have to actively learn and experiment
3. you must be ready to bear the risk of dizziness
4. You must be ready to take the time to learn
5. You must be ready to spend a lot of time to learn

If you are an "adventurous", fans "challenges", it is very suitable for you. I believe that time will be long felt, meant for you. loss of money will motivate you to more serious and fatigue experiment will add spirit to work more intelligently.
if you have the principle of "failure is the success of the pending" then this is a good choice for you.

you can learn more about online business, among others:
  • You can participate in the forum the specialist business online. one of them is the digital point forum. There you can learn more about online business
  • you can subscribe newslater experts from various field, as blogger John Chow, Yaro Tarak and others
  • You can follow the training of specialist business online
  • You can buy books written by business experts online